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3rd Year’s a Charm

Today is the 3-year anniversary of my Heigl-hosted, Moveable Type-powered weblog. This is the part of the show where I’m supposed to reminisce about the past three years and how fun it’s been. Throughout the month I’ve been reading through … Continue reading

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Motherboard/CPU Advice Needed

I’m about to give up on my homebuilt multimedia PC in its current configuration. I’ve tried everything I know how to and it still won’t load XP. The last thing I’m going to do is replace the optical drive. I’m … Continue reading

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Castle Update

Work has stalled on the Lego castle. We did some rearranging of our living space and the Lego boxes are now in our bedroom. While the theory was that this would allow me to work on my project in the … Continue reading

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AoE strikes again

For those of you who think you know what AoE stands for, you’re probably wrong. It’s not the MS RTS game Age of Empires — I am referring to the Age of Entertainment. It’s a veiled reference to Neil Postman’s … Continue reading

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What a Waste

NYTimes.Com had an article (free registration required, sorry) this week about the battles parents of “multiples” (that is, twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) are having with public schools over whether or not the multiples should be allowed to be in the … Continue reading

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Sing for Joy

Jamie and I have a long-running, um, disagreement, in our household. She thinks it’s too noisy, and I think it’s not noisy enough. One day last week I pulled out the Book and read out loud from the 66th Psalm … Continue reading

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File Under: Geek Dramatist

I’ll start out by noting that I can be something of a drama queen (king?). It doesn’t often come out in my actions or words, but in my head I’m quite the melodramatic. So, you remember that scene in LOTR:The … Continue reading

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How to Get a Lot of Comments

So far this month I have made 24 posts (this will be number 25) so I’m on pace to achieve my goal of averaging one post per day for February. For all of you bloggers out there who are just … Continue reading

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Movin’ and Shakin’

We are rockin’ and rollin’ here at the mayo plant. The more time I get to spend out in the plant, the more enjoyable the job is. I get really bored when I have to spend a lot of time … Continue reading

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And the Band Played On

Is music for entertainment, or for edification? If it is for entertainment, then it doesn’t matter what we listen to as long as it entertains us. If we like the sound, then we don’t care about the lifestyle or beliefs … Continue reading

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