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I got to Austin today for the technical meeting of the Association for Dressings and Sauces. I’ll keep you updated on all the goings-on as I become aware of them. Being in Austin, I had to find out if there … Continue reading

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Et Cetera

We have been watching some new-to-us movies lately. The most recent iteration of Pride and Prejudice — a novel I have started to read for the first time after seeing the Keira Knightley film edition — was excellent. Good enough … Continue reading

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On Satisfaction

Anytime we compare ourselves to others, one of two things must happen. Either we will think ourselves better than him to whom we compare ourselves, and become prideful; or we think ourselves somehow less than the other, and become jealous … Continue reading

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Still here

Still here! Still kicking! Work has been crazy busy. You know you’ve reached a new level of responsibility when you come back from a 4-day weekend and part of you wishes you hadn’t taken the time off. If we kill … Continue reading

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A googlewhack for Jacob

I found a way to googlewhack this site (I think — I may be misremembering the rules of googlewhacking): “hate Microstation.” I have gotten some wierd comments on my mini-rant against Microstation lately and the only explanation I can think … Continue reading

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Buh-back: Quick hits

After 37 straight days of posts, I decided to take a few days off. But never fear, I’m back. Random, fresh, concise commentary on the world and my life: We need to leave Iran alone. Just ignore them. Maybe they’ll … Continue reading

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