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June is done

Okay, 1 more month of 2006 is gone. 2006, for that matter, is now half over. Did you miss it? Tomorrow is our anniversary. Six amazing years (so far). Happy Anniversary, Beloved! Lessee, I think that so far in our … Continue reading

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Worst flight of my life, long version

Okay, first the background. We are purchasing a couple of filling machines from company located in San Clemente, CA, for the project I am working on. We are also purchasing processing equipment from a company in Wisconsin. The original plan … Continue reading

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Worst flight of my life

Short version: my flight to the L.A. area that was supposed to arrive at Orange County/John Wayne Int’l Airport at 10:30 PM local time arrived at Los Angeles Int’l at 11:45 AM. We were able to switch our rental car … Continue reading

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On observations, perspicacious

I will leave it to the reader’s imagination as to who said this to whom this morning, but if you had been in our house this morning during the hustle and bustle of changing out of pajamas and into the … Continue reading

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Fat is my friend

How many fats and oils do you keep around your house for cooking, baking, and frying? Here’s my list: 1.) Vegetable (soybean), liquid (=mostly unsaturated fat — not used much anymore) 2.) Canola, liquid (ditto above) 3.) Enova (ADM oil … Continue reading

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How I spent Father’s Day

Seth finally managed to pull a table down on top of himself, and he earned his first ever visit to the hospital by doing so. Right after church, while we were making lunch. It bled surprisingly little, and he cried … Continue reading

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No way, no how, ain’t gonna happen

Did you hear the one about the guy who wants to destroy the Interweb? Here’s one article describing the situation, if by any chance you haven’t heard about what’s cooking. [I didn’t read this article before I wrote this post … Continue reading

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Live from Gamefest

The word on the street was that this year’s edition (Gamefest VII, if you’re keeping track) would be rather lower key than some of the previous iterations. However, last night we had 7v7 for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Tonight should be … Continue reading

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Quick update

Not much time for the internets lately. The Ansari wedding was a good time. We were 0.8 of a mile short of 1000 for the weekend trip. 4 kids 4 and under + 1000 miles of driving/3 days = stir … Continue reading

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