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Parental joys

One of Jamie’s friends from college (Tom Grafton) stopped by on his way to start seminary down in Kentucky. He was here for dinner and will be spending the night before heading out tomorrow. Tonight’s incident can safely be filed … Continue reading

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Will you be here in the morning?

My kids are breaking my heart. Or rather, I’m breaking my kids’ hearts. Well, it may not be as bad as all that. But the startup has been a big time consumer the past few weeks and it shows in … Continue reading

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I hate a blank weblog

So here is an Entry. Number 898, to be precise. We’re having a lovely time here. We went for an ultrasound last week because Jamie was measuring a lot farther along than we anticipated. No twins, or any other multiple. … Continue reading

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Blog Forecast

Things are heating up at the mayonnaise factory. Expect record lows of post accumulation for August. The heat will persist through September and into early October. 25% chance of scattered posts and 100% of scattered wits is forecast. That is … Continue reading

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Ow Ow Ow

Here’s a recipe for discomfort: Take one very out of shape (worse than I thought) fast-approaching-30 man Add 1 part horrible day at work Add 1 part dehydration Add a pinch of hunger Mix ingredients in a large field full … Continue reading

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Baseball Heaven

With the family out of town and free tickets at my disposal, I have been at the ballpark the past two nights. The new Busch Stadium is a very nice baseball venue and advertises itself as Baseball Heaven. However, I’ve … Continue reading

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