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Counting down the days

We are getting so close to making mayonnaise I can almost taste it. I am getting some help for startup (in the form of a fellow project engineer) from another location, which makes things easier. The end (or at least, … Continue reading

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Juice man

My brother’s. . .group. . .has a myspace site. Check it out if you have any interest in what he’s up to lately. Or if you just want some more insight into me. We’re pretty much complete opposites as far … Continue reading

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Kill My Darlings

I have not blogged much about the new Stavesacre album, How to Live with a Curse, but only because I haven’t blogged much recently period. It is — lyrically and musically — one of the band’s best. I’ll start with … Continue reading

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*Ahhh* That’s more like it. I have taken a full 3 days off this weekend and it feels good. My body kind of crashed on me and I have slept a lot these past three days. My parents came in … Continue reading

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