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Little Red Wagon-riders

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Work? What’s that?

Entering my fourth consecutive day off, I am not looking forward to tomorrow. It has been a wonderful 3 days so far but after this summer/fall’s work marathon I could use a few more days to get psyched back up … Continue reading

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Leafy fun

This was what we spent our morning doing. It is a beautiful day here for Thanksgiving. My parents, my brother, and my paternal grandma are here to share in our celebration. [insert obligatory wishes of happiness to you and yours … Continue reading

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Commonplaces as jokes

During our prayer times we use traditional methods to help the children stay focused, i.e. heads bowed, hands folded, and eyes closed. It takes a lot of coaching to get a 2yo or 3yo to the point where s/he can … Continue reading

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I voted. . .

Green. Here in Illinois the Greens were the only non-major party choice, so as a protest against both major parties I voted Green. And I voted not to retain any of the incumbent judges here in good old Madison County, … Continue reading

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Stem cells

I heard another story on NPR this week about how stem cell research is changing medicine. Of course, as with all the other breakthroughs in stem cell research, this one was accomplished using adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. … Continue reading

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November 1st

A week ago tonight I attended my first ever World Series game. Unfortunately it was a rainout. The Monday and Tuesday prior to a week ago were both late nights and I did not get to see my kids but … Continue reading

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