This little piggy went to market

Today we made a trip to Soulard Market for the first time since moving into the area over a year ago. It was a good time and now that we know how great it is, we will be making regular visits — though maybe not as a whole family. Jamie carried Asher in the Mei Tai, I carried the almost 2yo in the Ergo, the 5yo walked, and the 4yo and 3yo were in the double stroller.

We had a fun time overall and picked up some yummy produce. It was very busy — of course, it helped that it was 65 degrees or so today. At any rate, I think that I will probably make a trip once every other week or so and take one child with me for special daddy time.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Ah yes, praise the lord for the mei tai! It’s definitely a lifesaver. :)

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