The Metamorphosis

For about 6-7 weeks this past Nov-Jan, I cultivated a look that can best be described as “wolfman.” Maybe “cultivated” is a bit too strong of a word — it implies that I made some sort of effort, when in reality it was the result of doing nothing to keep the hair on my head trimmed in any way. However, I recently returned my countenance to its normal state with the help of my barber who just got off maternity leave. :) I give you, The Metamorphosis:

Metamorphosis 1.jpg

Note the resemblance to a certain bear of very little brain (or not):
downloaded 10-16-06 034.jpg

Metamorphosis 2.jpg

I didn’t think that Jamie would play along with me once I started getting silly, so I took the rest of these pictures myself. . .
Metamorphosis 3.jpg

Metamorphosis 4.jpg

Metamorphosis 5.jpg

Metamorphosis 6.jpg

Metamorphosis 7.jpg

This is why I usually keep hair on my face. I look like such a baby without it!
Downloaded 16-August-2006 027.jpg

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6 Responses to The Metamorphosis

  1. Evil Jacob says:

    So, are you keeping your hair with that faux-mowhawk like the second-to-last picture? Between that and that look on your face, you could pass for a Jack Black look-alike.

  2. Jeremy says:

    This is awesome…I like #3, nearly a handle-bar ‘stash.

  3. Jacob says:

    No, no mohawk. I wouldn’t get any love at all at home if I tried to keep something like that. Not to mention the grief I would have to put up with at work. . .

    Tell ya what, Two — if you wear a mohawk to meet a client and produce evidence that you did so (in the form of a non-altered picture), I’ll wear a mohawk to work. Yeah, didn’t think so. :)

    mumble mumble professional and all that jazz. . .

  4. Evil Jacob says:

    It’s not really a question of clients; some of our clients might be amused. I’m much more concerned about how upset my wife would be. Even joking about doing the Fu Manchu mustache gets her pretty riled up.

  5. dave says:

    oooh, a battle of the jacob hairdos. I dig it.

  6. Kristin says:

    The wife shudders at the thought.

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