Vacation (#1) 2012 – First Half

First a quick life update – I left ADM 3 months ago and am now working for McCormick & Company in South Bend, IN. That is all.

Our summer vacation was pretty fantastic. After swimming at my parents’ place and eating lunch, we drove out to Berlin, PA on Saturday (July 14) and spent the night with Dad’s Aunt Mary Jane at her family’s dairy farm. She treated us to breakfast (and her usual wonderful hospitality) and we visited the calf pens before heading out to Akron, PA. We visited Dad’s recently-widowed Aunt Gladys Sunday evening along with Grandma Stoltzfus after eating dinner with my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Carl in Ephrata. For the 3rd year in a row we stayed at the MCC Welcoming Place in Akron, a most wonderful accommodation.
Monday we headed up to Hazleton to visit our friends Rod and Deborah Logan and their children. Rod’s brother and his family were visiting which made 15 children (with one on the way) in the house. A good time was had by all. We headed back to Akron that evening and crashed.
Tuesday we walked down the street to the Martin’s Pretzel bakery a few blocks from the Welcoming Center and bought our usual allotment of hard pretzels. Then we played a little disc golf at Roland Park before heading over to Landis Homes to eat lunch with my mom’s parents and aunts. It was good to see Aunt Lois, Aunt Dot, and Aunt Rhoda as well as Grandpa and Grandma Burkholder. After lunch we made a quick stop at the Wilbur Chocolate Factory for another requisite purchase, this time mixed Wilbur Buds. Mmmm, Wilbur Buds.
Tuesday evening we hosted the Stoltzfus family at the Welcoming Place and had a nice time with my cousins and their families. It was over too soon and then to bed we went, ready to leave in the morning for Sibley Mansion.
Time for bed now, I’ll finish this trip story some other time!

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