I hate Microstation

When I started working here, we used ACLT 2000. That was great — I got all kinds of love for ACLT. I took a class on it at Rose (like everyone else). At any rate, somebody in my company decided that we needed to standardize everyone on one CADD program.

So, we wind up with something called Bentley Microstation version 8. I’m pretty sure it was chosen because they aren’t as strict about licensing as ACLT. It sucks. The interface sucks. There aren’t nifty shortcuts like in ACLT. I can’t figure out how to do simple things like copy and paste using a fixed point on the object I’m copying.

I’m certain that there are ways to do the things I want to do, I just don’t have the time to figure them out. BAH! And BAH! again. For that matter, triple BAH!

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  1. Jerry says:

    You might be better off switching to an etch-a-sketch. I’ve heard nothing good about Microstation. Elizabeth used it for a summer.

    Being that I currently spend 90% of my time doing CAD design I think that I would cry if they took away my AutoCAD.

    I’m sorry bro.

  2. BOB says:


  3. Marcus says:

    MicroStation is a sure winner, you guys don’t know what you are talking about!

    InRoads makes me day, everyday.. no AutoCrap on my desktop.. pls.


    Microstation licks big fat donkey balls!


    Microstation is for retards. It turns what would be the simplest task in acad into a multi-click, dialogue box, fly-out button menu, cluster f**k. Autocad also happens to be literally 1,000,000 times more accurate. Really! Autocad is a precision tool. Microstation is an etchasketch on wheels.

    If you like Microstation you probably own an ipod (which also suck), drive a miata, and listen to John Tesh.


    Autocad sucks. Microstation sucks harder, longer, and blows and the same time. I hate autocad. I just hate microstation even more. Microstation is the dark side of cad. Compared to Microsucktion, Autocad is genius on wheels. I’ve been doing both for 6 years.

  7. BITE ME says:

    Microstation smells

  8. SIRCADDALOT says:

    [Comment deleted due to excessive use of vulgarities in describing Microstation]

  9. SIRCADDALOT says:

    Microstation eats excrement. Then it excretes the excrement that it just ate and eats it again.

  10. CADASTROPHIC says:

    Microstation is a clearly inferior system. It’s stupid! Why do you think 95% of the engineering world uses Autocad? It’s better! Microstation sucks, it bites, it eats. I’d rather go back to board drafting than use Microsucktion.

  11. Jrod says:

    Tentitive snap before you copy and paste. That’s how you control the insertion point.

  12. James says:

    Dang, this has to be the funniest thread ever and I agree 100%. Suckstation and Geo-suck are hateful programs that make simple things incredibly painful. The worst part is you have to PAY bentley to make your life miserable.

  13. Michael says:

    Microsucktion is totally crippled in terms of navigation. The mouse is practically unutilized, just try and pan around a drawing. And what’s up with waiting half a second every single time you zoom with the wheel? I used AutoCAD for 6 years and began to hate it for it’s (few) limitations. I’ve been using Microstupid for 6 months and am now eating my words about AutoCAD.

  14. i HATE Microstation 2 says:

    I want to break my fingers whenever I have to use that program

  15. Staling says:

    Autodesk you got [edited to remove vulgarity - JLS] communist values if you let people pay $4000 for a program that doesnt have constraints.

  16. Paul says:

    If microstation really did suck, you wouldn’t have to shout so loud.

  17. Tumbleweed63 says:

    I used AutoCAD since ’90, and within the last month took a job where MicroSucktion prevails. Indeed, a tapestry of profanity hangs thick in the air above my cubicle. Typical AutoCAD: Move This from Here to There. Typical Microstation: This Here This again Move Here again to There from Here…wait…what the f*** – This Here Move…wait D***it…an so on. Tentatitive Snap my arse.

  18. damian says:

    microstation is the most powerful cad

    autocad is for GAYS, microstation for MACHOS

    try to manage an airport or 10 miles of a road with autocad and you will see how autocad flee the camp

  19. Len says:

    I can get almost anything done in both programs. My preference is for the quick and accurate program – AutoCAD – It needs less hardware to run properly and ten times less buttons and settings to do the equivalent Microstation command. Microstation is therefore slower, meaning productivity goes down and the company wastes more money on staff. I get sick of Microstation fans defending their software – it belongs in the middle ages. Managing massive projects on any package is easy – it all comes down to file management

  20. Roger Scot says:

    In a factory
    being used as a tool
    by a machine
    You stare at a lighted screen
    tapping on plastic
    pushing and pulling a plastic obsurdity
    now, go ahead
    look at your result
    a souless contrivance
    is this what you have become?
    Do as you are told!
    and defend it!, Lie for it!, Let it bring you far from who you are.
    But never with Integrity.
    Do you fight for your souls?
    walk away from your desks at the end of the day.
    what is that feeling?
    A TOOL
    the death of an ARTIST.

  21. Jorge says:

    An empty zombie tool, eh?

    Think of us zombies next time your basement doesn’t flood during a storm and your street isn’t inundated with human excrement or the next time you safely cross a bridge in your car and you’re NOT watching fish swim past your windshield.

    Picture all the infrastructure you take for granted just vanishing before your eyes. How useful is your “art” now?

    Call us zombies, but we build the world that you live in, sucka.

  22. Double-Tap Grrl says:

    I’ve used Microstation a little bit for several years now and can’t stand its cumbersome interface. I’ve used AutoCAD since 1993 and now Civil 3D. Good stuff but growing more and more annoying as Autodesk continues to introduce more bugs and instabilities, made updates annual, manipulates us into subscription service, introduced the tapeworms…er, ribbons that require more clicks than the “classic” style, et cetera. Seriously, they’ve burned me out on CAD. I want to quit the whole business and start a chile pepper farm.

  23. Tim the CADD man says:

    Microstation is crap software that get’s forced upon government workers. Any real design professional worth their salt is working with AutoCAD – clearly the industry standard.
    Those defending MS have most likely have never used ACAD or have just grown comfortable using second rate software. So keep drinking the MS cool-aid, get back to your cubical and wait it out until you retire.

  24. erik t says:

    i have been using autocad for 15 years and microstation for 3 years both microstation and autocad piss me off now and then but in the end. microstataion is truly the more powerfull cad system you just need to be patient and get use to the functions. microstation handles reference files much better but autocad can manipulate reference files easier.

    be patient i use to feel the same way about microstation but if you use it every day along with autocad you will really see the power of bently

  25. rc001 says:

    I have used microcrap for 4 years, and over the years I have gotten use to it, however it still sucks, there is a billion different settings and just when you think you understand it you dont, everything about this stupid program sucks, everyday I say to myself I rather use my left hand and a dull pencil then use this stupid program.

  26. Ryan says:

    i love microGAYtion so much that i have stretch marks on my mouth from smiling so much

  27. Obi-Wan CADobi says:

    i use both, like both for different reasons. people i work with hate it. i wish it utilized short-cut typed commands like autoCAD does.

  28. BEAU says:


  29. Jim says:

    Microstation is the worst design program I’ve used! It’s horrible. Just a program that looks like chicken skratch. Not accurate, slow as dog,and it is not time efficient. When you operate Microstation just take a look at a trash can,because that’s where it belongs. In a trash can. Buy a REAL PRODUCT! Buy Autodesk. I’ll say it again. Microstation is garbage

  30. James says:

    Want a real comparison?

    I can get done on AutoCAD in 6 hours what it would take me literally 3 entire days–yes, that’s 24 hours–to perform with MicroStation. That’s based off of several years of experience with both programs.

    MicroStation is for people who like workers’ unions and communism. AutoCAD is for freethinkers and capitalists.

  31. James says:

    P.S. A previous commenter said “Microstation is for retards”. Well, he’s wrong. AutoCAD is for retards, because it’s so well designed that even a retard canfigure it out. MicroStation is for obsessive, socially clueless, genius idiot-savantes who have nothing better to do than lurk alone in dark cubicles figuring out how to use MicroStation.

  32. Alex says:

    I’ve used AutoCAD, Rhino and Revit for 7 years and microstation for the last year. I feel like I’m using at software from the 90′s. For 2d AutoCAD is probably the fastest solution, for 3D Rhino is your best choice and for more complex projects or BIM Revit is way to go. Microstation is just too dated and they won’t dare to improve it. The ui is terrible, they’ve been piling tools after tool and it’s just simply a mess. You can’t type any command. We work with huge sites and lots of geometry and the display is the slowest. On my first month in my current office I almost quitted just because of microstation. I learned but I still think it’s a joke and a waste of time.

  33. Zé Manuel Carvalho says:

    This is the worst of it all: we have to use Microstation 95 in Applied Topography course and it’s a shit. We are in f*king 2014, not in retarded 1995.
    We students only learn to do tentatives and lines, it’s the only thing we know how to do. Some students doesn’t even know how to open a document. Even in Master degree we only know to do tentatives. We go to Geography job market only knowing to do tentatives. Our teacher is the only Portuguese person that uses Microstation 95. It’s a f*king disgrace and disgust. It’s a joke. Jokerstation 95.
    And then in the final exams the teacher asks us to draw the most complex draws full of shitty circles, arcs, angles and that kind of shit. Everytime I hear about Microstation 95 it makes me throw up. Everytime I open Microstation 95 I want to smash the PC and suicide myself.

  34. taneum says:

    Microstation does suck. In AutoCAD I can copy and paste with a basepoint. Takes about 7 seconds. In Microstation I think I have to use a tentative snap, what ever the hell that is, and accusnap? WTF…..HOW ABOUT JUST SNAP, plain and simple. It’s been 1.5 hours now trying to figure out a basic 7 second command. Yes, the real world does use AutoCAD over Microstation because in the real world, it’s all about productivity and making money, two things that you do not get with Microstation. That’s why government agencies use it.

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